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TSA Approved: Things You Can Take in a Carry-On Luggage

What if you have no other choice except for travelling with a carry-on luggage? Can you fit everything you want to take with you on a trip in one small bag only? And what exactly are you allowed to take on a plane?

During the last couple of years, many cheap airlines have changed their rules, allowing passengers to take one bag on board only. Thus, if you travel with a carry-on bag only you should be even more precise about what you’re going to take with you, without breaking the TSA rules. read more

What is Airport Tax: A Brief Guideline

Many people have used the services of air carriers at least once in their lives. All of them are customers of the airport too since they buy tickets for plane. Many passengers wonder: why the price of the air ticket is this or that?

Travel document can be purchased at the airline office, agency, or online. Everyone is looking for more favourable and affordable price. But what is its basis and what are taxes, how do they affect the total sum? read more

London to Kiev Flight Time: What to Do on a Plane

From London to Kiev flight duration can take almost three and a half hours. It is definitely not the longest flight ever, but even a three-hour flight can be a boring experience if not prepared well.

If you want to survive a long flight and even enjoy it, you need to have a plan. What are you going to do during those three hours on board? Avoid your journey to be a boring one. Think about how you’re going to distract yourself while being in the air, especially if you have a flying phobia. read more