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Food on a Plane: How to Choose In-Flight Meals

Different airlines have different menus. If a meal aspect is an essential part for you, check the menu offered by the airline you’re going to travel with in advance. Usually, airlines present a full menu available on the website. You can even pre-order what you would like to eat during a flight.

There is a popular opinion that airplane food tastes bad or doesn’t have taste at all. Actually, it depends. What kind of products do you like? What meals do you find interesting and tasty? And, of course, how much have you paid for a ticket? If you google «airplane food», you’ll find thousands of different photographs. This means there is no a certain menu, which is applied to every plane. The approach is individual.

So, how to pick a meal on a plane to avoid being disappointed by what you’ve got?

How to Pick Food for a Plane

First of all, the price of your ticket matters. More expensive airlines have more options to offer. So, always check what different airlines have in their menus before booking a ticket. Compare the prices and the menus. Decide whether a menu really worth the price it has or not.

What to pay attention to while searching for a perfect airplane menu? Follow these tips even if you used to eat on a plane not because you are hungry, but because you are bored.

  • Your taste changes when you are in the air. Flight affects your taste similar to how having a cold affects it. Your perception of salt and sweet drops by 25-30%. This is the result of cold and dry air in the cabin. So, be ready that even the most expensive food in the air won’t taste the same as when you are at a restaurant.
  • If there is a variety of meals on the menu, go for sandwiches, salads, and nuts.
  • If you travel with a baby, check whether there is any baby food offered by the airline.
  • The same way is with a special menu. Are you a vegetarian? Do you prefer Indian food? If you have some preferences on what you eat on a daily basis, it is better to pre-order a special menu in advance.
  • If you have any allergies, thoroughly study what a certain dish on a menu consists of. Many airlines complete meals with the additional products to compensate for the flavour of the food in the air. It can be a certain cheese or a set of spices. So, make sure the food you order on board doesn’t contain anything that can cause an allergic reaction.

Use the recommendations above to pick a perfect menu on a plane. Keep yourself and your stomach happy during the flight.

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