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London to Kiev Flight Time: What to Do on a Plane

From London to Kiev flight duration can take almost three and a half hours. It is definitely not the longest flight ever, but even a three-hour flight can be a boring experience if not prepared well.

If you want to survive a long flight and even enjoy it, you need to have a plan. What are you going to do during those three hours on board? Avoid your journey to be a boring one. Think about how you’re going to distract yourself while being in the air, especially if you have a flying phobia.

7 Things You Can Do on a Plane

Before going to the actual time spending recommendations, follow the most important tip ever. Have a rest before the flight. The easiest way to improve your travel experience by plane is by having a rest before you go. A trip instantly becomes better if you are well rested before taking off. So, prepare your body first.

Since you’re rested and ready to start packing, think about what exactly you’re going to do on a plane to spend some quality time.


  • Sleep. If you don’t feel like doing anything at all, get some sleep. Take a sleeping mask and a neck pillow to get the most out of it. Relax and take a three-hour nap.
  • Download a playlist. Create a separate playlist for a flight. Of course, you can listen to your all-time favorite tracks, but it’s always interesting to have a special trip playlist to discover new artists and songs. Or create a playlist from relaxing music to help you fall asleep if a sleeping mask and a neck pillow are not enough.
  • Entertain yourself with movies. Today, most airlines offer free entertainments and WiFi on board. So, you can either watch a movie or scroll your Instagram or Facebook feed.
  • Books. Can’t find a minute to finish the book you’ve started four months ago? A three-hour flight is a pe
  • rfect chance to do that. Why not? Or take a new book to start and finish it during
  • London to Kiev flight time.
  • Plan out your trip. If it is a few-day trip, take a planner and write down what you’re going to do during the next couple of days in Kiev. It is very relaxing and distracting, especially if you’re a little bit afraid of flying by plane. Just focus on planning. Plan the activities that you want to do.
  • Do some work. If it is a business trip, go through the documents, answer business emails, or do other important work-related stuff.
  • Eat and drink. If your flight doesn’t have food included, take snacks from home.


Spend this London to Kiev flight time the way you like it most. And arrive fresh and happy.

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