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TSA Approved: Things You Can Take in a Carry-On Luggage

What if you have no other choice except for travelling with a carry-on luggage? Can you fit everything you want to take with you on a trip in one small bag only? And what exactly are you allowed to take on a plane?

During the last couple of years, many cheap airlines have changed their rules, allowing passengers to take one bag on board only. Thus, if you travel with a carry-on bag only you should be even more precise about what you’re going to take with you, without breaking the TSA rules.

So, if you don’t know how to pack a carry-on following TSA regulations, keep reading. We have some interesting information to share.

Travel Tips: What to Pack in a Carry-On?

Before packing a bag and heading to the airport, focus on what you can and can’t pack in a carry-on. Usually, the problems occur with a carry-on bag particularly. As not all passengers are aware of what can be brought on a plane or packed into a checked baggage.

So, let’s have a look.

  • Liquids. Liquids are allowed in a carry-on in case you’ve packed them properly. They should be placed in a clear plastic bag or a special TSA approved makeup bag. The maximum capacity is one liter. Each liquid container shouldn’t hold more than 100 millilitres.
  • Medications are also allowed. Pack them in a separate plastic bag as well. The officer may ask documents to prove their authenticity.

  • Another thing you can take on a plane is food unless it is not liquid food. Fresh fruits, chocolate bars, cakes, sandwiches are allowed. If it’s a bottle of water, you can’t take it. Even if it is a brand new bottle.
  • You can take electronic devices too. Actually, you are recommended to pack them in a carry-on. Just make sure you don’t place them at the bottom of the bag. Everything that is bigger than a smartphone has to be taken out and placed in a bin to go through an airport scanner.
  • Pack your day-to-day essentials like clothes, underwear, etc. This has to be placed on the bottom. The electronics and liquids go on top of it.
  • Jewelry. Jewelry is also recommended for a carry-on bag. Don’t place it in checked baggage, especially if the jewelry is very expensive.
  • Take all the documents with you on board as well.

For more detailed information what can and can’t be packed in a carry-on, check the official TSA website. Hopefully, the recommendations above will help you to pack smart for your next trip on a plane. And don’t forget to check the maximum carry-on weight allowed by your airline.

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