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What is Airport Tax: A Brief Guideline

Many people have used the services of air carriers at least once in their lives. All of them are customers of the airport too since they buy tickets for plane. Many passengers wonder: why the price of the air ticket is this or that?

Travel document can be purchased at the airline office, agency, or online. Everyone is looking for more favourable and affordable price. But what is its basis and what are taxes, how do they affect the total sum?

Here are some basic terms and definitions on above subject:

  • An airport tax is the amount included in the cost of the ticket to pay for airport services. Such charges are divided into mandatory (take-off payment – customs, refuelling), and additional – such as cleaning, lodging.
  • The total price a passenger pays consists of two components: airline fare and airport charges. And if the first figure depends on such factors as season, popularity or prestige of the destination, the second option is a constant value. It includes a fee for the use of the airport by the air company (landing, fuelling etc), and by the passenger (service, maintenance, convenience).
  • Everyone knows that for long distances, it is cheaper to fly with connections than by direct flight. But it is worth considering that you will also pay taxes for each part of the route. If you see such and advertisement like “To Iceland for only 150 dollars!”, don’t believe much. It is a tempting offer but when you go to the web site to book it turns out that the ad accounted only for the rate of the airline. And with all other mandatory fees the flight will go two times more expensive.
  • Do all airports charge the same sums? No. They depend on the high profile of the hub, its status (regional/international), as well as the level of service. Also at some places, the amount of fees depends on the class in which you fly. Depending on the specific venue and the carrier, the tax can range from $10 to $130. But in rare cases, this figure can fluctuate from 0.1% of the fare of the airline to 100% and higher.
  • A moment of joy. There are airports that operate without a fee, and some even pay extra to air companies to use their very services.
  • So what level of budget do you need to have for your trip? It varies from your destination, day of the week, time of booking, and a way of purchasing your seat on board. However, if a traveller books a chosen variant through the Internet, then he or she will be able to see all the calculations for the flight. There are some situations when the airport can make an additional charge.
  • In addition, all taxes are published in the currency suitable for the airwaves. With this, you can win or lose.

A person who flies not very often should learn all these tips. Don’t call to the airline office and cry about cheating if you don’t like the possible bill. Make sure you are aware of all expenses and all services during your air trip. Respect highly professional work of other people which cannot go for next to nothing any case.

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