Big Features

Several big feature stories are about to be released:

  • Sailing World – October issue: Story chronicling my distance racing in Sweden.
  • BoatU.S. Magazine – December issue: Cruising the Gulf Islands National Seashore.
  • – Shortly: Story detailing the tragic experience of several schooners during the massive hurricane of 1893.
  • – Soon: Story detailing the history of coup d’etats planned, funded & launched from New Orleans.
  • Marina Dock Age – October: Mississippi’s marina growth.

Of course in the meantime, my monthly column continues to run in Southern Boating magazine.

Also appears that other than several trips back to the Gulf Islands and the Chandeleur Islands, there are some pretty exotic assignments that are in the works this fall.

In the meantime I’ll leave you with this hilarious story from the lost history of Coastal Texas. As the Spanish explorers were bouncing along South Padre Island and looking for gold, they discovered a tribe of coastal Indians who were part cannibal. Determined to push these Indians away from their encampments, a Spaniard had the brilliant idea of creating the first mobile artillery in the New World: He strapped a canon to a donkey. The Spanish then set out to attack this tribe of Indians. In the short skirmish that followed, the canon strapped to a donkey was fired – this resulted in the donkey-canon doing several backflips through the air. It was later reported that the Indians fled, not because of the Spanish firepower, but because of their flying donkey. True story.



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